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Feb 29, 2016

Ian Ryan: I started lifting weights and exercising consistently my freshmen year of college at West Virginia University. After putting on the dreaded freshmen fifteen, I decided it was time to do something about it. Once I started seeing results, I was hooked. My journey in the fitness industry began shortly after graduation in 2008 & I’ve been helping clients look and feel their best ever since.


Did you always know what your calling was?

I always knew I wanted to make a difference.  I just wasn’t sure how.  It was when I gained that weight in college that I realized I needed to take control of my health.  Then after the loss of my brother, I reevaluated my life and realized I needed to step out into the world into a bigger way than just being a corporate fitness trainer.  I wanted to make a much bigger impact.


How did the loss of your brother change the course of your life?

It made me focus on what I am doing with my life, and the meaning I was going to assign this loss.  It could either spiral me downward or I could use this to inspire others.


How did you get past the fear of what it takes to put yourself out there with your message?

First you have to sit down and realize all fear is, is a product of our thoughts.  When you have a fear, you can’t run from it, you actually have to attack it.  For me that was public speaking.  So I started attending Toastmasters to get after that fear.  Chip away at your fears little by little, and you will build your self confidence along the way.  As it relates to putting yourself out there… it all comes down to your “Why.”  If you have a big enough reason to do what you want to do,  it will overcome the fear of what other people will say.


What is your best piece of advice?

Make a commitment to yourself in attacking a fear that you have, this week.  There is never a time when all the cards align, so take that first step.


What do you believe to be true?

We are the CEO of our own life.  We get to create the script that we live.  You have to follow your intuition.  Live a life true to yourself.


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