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The Game Changer Podcast

Dec 28, 2015

You are the sum of the people you surround
yourself with… choose wisely.

After careful contemplation of how I wanted to the end the year with The Game Changer Podcast, I wanted to cover a topic that is incredibly impactful on the whole of your being, yet one that most take for granted.  That topic is- your surroundings. The title of this blog is a statement I have made over a thousand times.  The simple truth is, you are your environment, and I mean that in every aspect; your home, your food, your career, and this particular focus… your friends.  As I mentioned in last week’s blog and referenced in a couple of podcasts, I am beyond excited for this final 2015 episode for this very reason!

My hope for this episode is twofold: One – is the obvious, you have the chance to meet who I intentionally surround myself with.  And trust me, I take this very seriously.   Each of these people play a significant role in my life.  Further, we are in each other’s lives to a degree that we know what each other’s goals are and truly are there to support each other in any way possible.  Each of these people have my back (a quality that is invaluable) and offer me feedback and insight that contribute to my life greatly.  There truly is not a week that goes by where I am not in communication with each of them.  My life is blessed to an indescribable degree, because of them.

If you want to see someone’s character, show me who their friends are.

The other hope for this show is that you have the opportunity to hear some different perspectives to two questions I asked each of them: What are you most grateful for in 2015 and what has been the biggest Game Changer? (That is the name of the show, after all!)  How I meant the second questions was, what was the most significant event that happened this year, which will absolutely contribute to your success in 2016?  My intention with this episode is to spark some contemplation to your own answers, as you hear some very different responses, and some commonalities.  (Side note: getting each of these recordings done, truly was an exercise in herding cats… one that added to my contributing to the wine industry, greatly!)
I realize this can be a chaotic and very busy time of year for most.  But I hope you find a few moments to sit down, relax with a cup of tea in the morning, or maybe a glass of wine in the evening, join me at this big round table, and allow me to introduce you to my tribe as we chat about what truly matters.
As we wrap up 2015 with the fanciest eco-friendly paper and a big shiny bow- I wish you every success, happiness, and most importantly- true meaning as you launch into 2016.  May you take the gratitude for what 2015 brought you, and allow that to be your foundation for even greater Game Changing year in 2016!
Thank you for inspiring me to try to make a difference… together, I know we will!Celebrating YOU, with immense gratitude-Michelle Dutro
Ben Sabin- Audio Editor Extraordinairre
Michelle Garcia-
William Rodriguez- Thank you for your service, documentary
Skye Andrade- Keep track of this name to be the next big author to hit the scene!
Erica Black –
Selena Anderson- Incredible wife and mom
Tammy Drechsler – Also an incredible wife and mom
Marvin Doster- Amazing husband and dad
Deirdre Mammano-
Vickie Lanza –