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The Game Changer Podcast

Nov 23, 2015

Darren Pierre, Ph.D., is a college administrator at the University of Chicago, and part-time faculty member at Loyola University Chicago. His research largely centers on understanding the transformative power that derives from people having the courage to live out their truth. He has spoken across the United States on the ideals of integrity, authenticity, and living a life of purpose. 


When searching for your meaning:

Live into your own truth.  When you think about what you want to do, think about how that makes you feel.  Then if you feel any fear that may come with that, understand that your joy is just on the other side of that fear.


A passage from Darren’s book:

Don’t Dim Your Light:

What I have come to understand is that another person’s inability to master the wattage of his or her own light does not give me the permission to mismanage mine. In a space of faith, I have come to a place of peace, understanding that the same God who is committed to me living the fullest expression of my life is committed to those around me doing the same. One thing I have come to know for sure is that the journey to let yourself be fully expressed, and the opportunity to manifest your greatest potential, can at times be lonely. For in a world riddled with fear and insecurity, people can only celebrate others up to the point they can celebrate themselves.


Why do people dim their own light?

We don’t want to be lonely.  We feel that if we run our race, the person we are with… will not run theirs.


Best advice:

“No”, is often… “not yet”.  Sometimes we assume when we hear no, that door is closed.  Have a healthy disregard for the word no.  Sometimes you have to get through a lot of no’s to get to a yes.


What do you believe to be true?

That I hold absolute responsibility for my life.  Not to put blame on other people for what is my responsibility.  When you blame someone for how you are feeling, you are giving them your power.  You are fully responsible for how you feel.


How to find and connect with Darren Pierre:– Darren’s site where you can learn more about Darren and order his book The Invitation to Love. – To connect directly – especially if you read the book, this is where you can leave your reflection about the impact the book has had in your life.


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