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The Game Changer Podcast

Oct 26, 2015

William Rodriquez, MSW is a decorated three-time Operation Enduring/Iraqi-Freedom Veteran.  After leaving the Army he has received his Master’s Degree in military social work from the University of Southern California (USC).  He currently works as a trauma and addiction therapist in Santa Barbara, CA.   He is also featured in an upcoming documentary, Thank You for Your Service due out at the end of 2015.

Did you always know what you were meant to do:

Not at all. I changed my educational path frequently.  I had left the military and lost my identity.  I tried to attach a new identity to my degree.  And then that didn’t work.   So much of our identity can be tied to a label or our title.  And when we loose that, we loose ourselves.  We have to establish our identity through our purpose, not our label.

Most important Mindset you have cultivated in order to get where you are today:

Gratitude.  To appreciate the many blessings in my life.  To look at what’s right rather than what’s wrong.  To make a commitment to focus on gratitude daily.  By having a gratitude practice, it helps to quiet an anxious mind.   And through this practice you can deal with whatever it is that comes your way.

What you believe that has gotten you to where you are today:

Understanding the value of “sacrifice”.  Understanding what it means to sacrifice;  giving up being afraid, security in the unknown, or your comfort zone.  Having the courage to do the thing we are afraid of.  Sacrifice the negative to bolster the good.  Then we realize the more we give, the better we feel.

Hope is not a strategy, hope is what we have when we have implemented the strategy.  Before you get there, you have to sacrifice that thing that is holding you back.


How to find and connect with William:

Thank you for your service – documentary trailer, movie out end of 2015 – soon to be released podcast (end of 2015)  Therapy practice in Santa Barbara, with a link to William’s email. – iRest retreats and workshops, free MP3 downloads, and research  

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