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Sep 16, 2016

In today’s show I have my friend Tammy Drechsler once again on the show to ask me any question she wanted about decision making.  This show is a follow-up to Monday’s episode where I highlighted a few chapters of my upcoming book. I asked Tammy to ask any question she wanted about the topic of decision making.

Her question was about relationships.  She commented that being at the age where some of the people she is around are finding themselves with kids grown, they are questioning whether or not they should remain married.

In response to that question or life query, I titled the show: Check your “State” first.  What I mean by that is your mental, physical, and spiritual state.  When we are in a place where we feel depressed, we aren’t eating right, we aren’t exercising, etc. it is ridiculous to think you could make a great decision from a bad place.  So the first question you need to ask yourself before making any big decision, especially one that will impact your life, is “How am I feeling right now?”  Until you are in a place where your mind is clear, you physically feel great, and you are taking care of yourself, I wouldn’t recommend making any big external life changes.  Once your internal world changes, its amazing how often our external world changes right along with it.

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