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The Game Changer Podcast

Sep 23, 2016

Have you ever found yourself in “auto pilot”?  Meaning you had things so under control you are able to just coast for a bit, and enjoy the ride. Then right in that moment is when you get T-Boned, out of left field, never seeing it coming.  I think those moments are what keep us humble and grounded.  Without them we become complacent, lose our edge, and start taking things for granted.

I can tell you that is how I felt (the t-boned part) about recording my 100th episode.  I was SO looking forward to this particular show… literally for months.  You see in podcasting there are two episodes of significance.   Episode 50, as that is how long you have to figure out how to podcast.  After that, no more excuses, you really should have it all figure out.  And episode 100 as a reality check into whether or not your podcast is still on point, or if you have drifted and lost focus from your initial intention.

Trust me, I thought I had both of these nailed.  Until everything fell apart.  And I mean failed miserably.  I couldn’t get the software to record for longer that 5 minutes without it shutting down, and after an hour and half with two people on the other end who were so gracious- the whole had to be stopped.

After several days of me questioning whether or not I should keep at podcasting, if after 100 episodes I can’t manage to figure out how to record, here’s one thing I do know: Life doesn’t always go as planned.  And as much as possible when things fall apart, the goal is to have the ability to to step back and say, “There must be something else I am meant to do, for this to be happening.”  Thank goodness for great friends who remind me of that when I need it.

In closing, episode 100 is NOTHING like I planned, but it is exactly what it was meant to be.  As is all of life.

With humble gratitude,

Michelle Dutro

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