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Jun 30, 2016

Life is never short of topics to write about!  But this time, my encounter at baggage claim, could not have been better timing as I am between two episodes on what it takes to stay Fired Up in your job, and next Monday’s show about getting out of your comfort zone and taking a chance to do what you love.  So imagine the impeccable timing of running across someone who clearly wanted nothing to do with his job (certainly not that night.)

I have said many times that how you do one thing is how you do everything.  So if we become complacent in one area of life it becomes much easier and acceptable to become that way other areas of life, until that is what defines your life. I hope in these upcoming weeks, these interviews inspire you to really think about what you are doing and why.   It is my goal that these episodes fire you up to the degree that you really question whether or not you living the life you truly want or if on some level you are settling.

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