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The Game Changer Podcast

Jun 27, 2016

Snowden McFall, professional speaker, trainer, and author, is a 30 year entrepreneur & owner of Fired Up Professional Speaking.  A business expert who speaks on motivation, stress management, productivity and employee engagement, Snowden has authored and co-authored 6 books, including Fired Up!, which has sold over 65,000 copies. Her newest book is Stress Express: 15 Instant Stress Relievers and she is currently writing one on productivity.  Inc. Magazine later chose Snowden as finalist for “New England Entrepreneur of the Year.”   Snowden has appeared on 320 radio shows, CNN Financial News, The Home Shopping Network and Bloomberg Television.  Featured in Success Magazine, Investors Business Daily and as an expert on burnout.

This week on The Game Changer Podcast, I interview Snowden McFall who is the founder of “Fired up.”  Her mission is to help people get back to the point where they once were, when they were excited and passionate about what they were doing, and what they believed in.  I think this conversation is so much more than just about your work environment.  It’s about where you are in life, and why.  If any area of your life could use a bit of a spark to reignite it to what it once was, this is the show for you.

How to find out more about Snowden

Best advice:  Every human has innate gifts.  You need to go for dreams.  Forgive your past. Be grateful for your blessings, and  ask for help.

What you believe to be true: How you treat others says volumes about yourself.  Always treat others well, and have faith in something higher than yourself.

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