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The Game Changer Podcast

Apr 28, 2016

That quote was on the shirt that I wore, along with my daughters Madison and Halle, and my friend Michelle Garcia, in a mud run last year.  In honor of that quote, we were Team Fireball.  I truly hope if there’s one thing I have instilled in my daughters, it’s to be just that; to be who YOU are, regardless of anyone else’s opinion.  In today’s episode I talk about this very topic.  It is my goal to up my game and to be the example of what it is to be fearlessly authentic and to have the courage to leave the school of fish you may be hiding in, and swim in your own direction.  (That is the logo and subheading to this podcast, as I am such a believer in this, as a way of life.)

In the upcoming weeks I would love to hear from you with your thoughts on what risks you have taken, how you show up fearlessly authentic, and how it is you are choosing to swim in your own direction.  I would love to highlight some of your stories, so please shoot me an email at the link below.  You can also reach me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (And now Snap Chat) all under the Inner North Star name.

Thank you so much for listening, it really does mean the world to me!


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