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The Game Changer Podcast

Apr 18, 2016

Paula Yancey became President of PC Sports in 2010. She is recognized throughout the sports design and construction industry as the consummate professional. She is active in industry groups such as IAVM and has been active as a speaker to various industry trade organizations and community groups

My conversation today with Paula Portz, President of PC Sports is interesting for a couple different reasons.  One, she embodies what it means to stay the course, grow within a career field, and continually take on higher levels of responsibility.  The second is, this is no “typical” career field.  Imagine being a successful woman in two male dominated career fields; construction and the sports industry! In 2011 Paula was named a “Game Changer” by The Sports Business Journal, and is again being recognized by the Sports Business Journal’s inaugural list of “Power Players: The Minds Behind Design and Development” in today’s issue. While I have talked with a lot of people who have taken great risks and tried to outrace everyone to get where they are, there is a lot to say about maintaining your focus, knowing what you want, and growing both personally and professionally into that vision.

Best Advice:  The worst that could happen is you fail.  You can regroup and try again.  But, the worst is that you didn’t try at all.

The one thing you know to be true:  The person that you are will always come back to you.  If you are honest and truthful and fair, that will come back to you.

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