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The Game Changer Podcast

Jan 3, 2017

First of all, thank you to everyone who supported me in getting my first book, Fate, Destiny, and The Power of Free Will on Amazon’s Best Seller list in Philosophy, on New Year’s Eve! I could not be more appreciative or grateful.  This also allowed me to get one of my 2016 goals checked off, literally just under the wire!!!

Now on to 2017!

My belief has always been that no matter what you want to accomplish in life, from losing weight to setting a world record… it all starts with mindset.

In this episode the goal is to contemplate some questions that you may not have asked yourself in a typical goal setting class:

  1. What went well and not so well, in 2016?  Understanding the mindset that created those decisions will allow us to shift them or amplify them in 2017.
  2. Don’t focus on the sand or pebbles.  Focus on the big rocks… the things moving forward that will absolutely change the game for you.
  3. What do you REALLY value?  Is that lined up with how you spend your time every day?  For most, this is where we find the lack of fulfillment.  The more you can shrink that gap, the more easily you will find joy every day.
  4. What is YOUR question, that you will ask before you start each day?  This will shape what you look for, thus find… and easily can have the biggest impact on your year and your life.
  5. Plan your big event for 2017 now.  What events, masterminds, or meetups can you attend to help you learn, grow, and contribute to a much higher degree than ever before?  Get these events on your 2017 calendar before the end of January, or it likely won’t happen.

Surround yourself with everything magical in your life; people, places, and things.  From this place you can share that magic with people who need it the most.  But you can not give away what you do not have.  Let’s all make 2017 the year of magic, contribution, and endless possibility!

With blessed gratitude,

Michelle Dutro

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