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The Game Changer Podcast

Oct 19, 2015

Richard Miller is the co-founder of the International Association of Yoga Therapists, the founding member and past president of The Institute for Spirituality and Psychology and is the founder of iRest, the Integrative Restoration Institute.  He has also published dozens of articles and books, including his latest: The iRest Program for healing PTSD.   Richard Miller has dedicated his life’s work to healing PTSD in the many forms that it takes, regardless of it’s origin.  Richard and his organization, iRest, currently work with – but are not limited to – individuals in the VA, homeless shelters, schools, hospitals, and victims of human trafficking who experience PTSD, chronic pain, and sleep related issues.

Did you always know that this was your path:

No, my life has taken many twists and turns which started with a yoga class many decades ago.  This started with a Yoga Nidra class that I took initially to meet and get connected with like minded people in the community and it would up changing my life and setting me on this path.

Daily Rituals that keep you grounded:

Every morning I set time aside quietly to feel a deep resonance of harmony.  Then taking that into my daily life.  Hundreds of moments then throughout the day, I reflect back on that feeling.  Now, IT is calling me rather than something that I have to go and seek.

What advice do you have for people dealing with self-doubt:

I like to introduce people to the feeling of our innate ease of being.  As they feel and touch it they begin to realize that there is something in them that connects them to that feeling of life, and starts to lessen the feeling of doubt.  It is helpful to have a mentor so that if we do fall into that feeling of doubt, they can help to pull us out of it and back on track.  I still have mentors to this day, and check in to ensure that I am not falling into pitfalls along the way as well.  Ultimately realizing we need to be a light unto ourselves.

What do you want to be known for, what game will you have changed:

I left little dust.  I hope I leave a legacy of the work, training’s and teachers that I have taught, who also continue to pay it forward.  I am trying to pay forward what has been paid to me.

Single best piece of advice:

Have faith.  Not so much, hope.  As that means that there’s a chance things won’t work out.  Develop a deep faith that you can find a sense a healing be it psychological or physical. And realize that it’s not hard.  These principles are easy to understand and apply in their simplicity.

What do you believe that has gotten you to where you are today:

It would be LOVE.  Self love.  Fundamentally everything we see is an expression of life from where we come from  We see everyone as an expression of our self.  And we really do want to do to others that which we do to our self.  It starts with self love. So, simplistically – LOVE.

How to find and connect with Richard:  –  Retreats  and workshops held around the world, free iRest meditation downloads, research and testimonials.



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