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34: Mid-week Review – How to get better answers.

The Love Series: This particular week has an interesting twist.  Both my podcast topic and my life have collided.  This collision comes in the form of a statement, “The quality of answers you get is directly related to the quality of questions you ask.”  If you want better answers, you must ask better questions.  This…

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33: Part 2 of 3 – The Love Series, “Tap” Into Your True Love, with Jessica Ortner – Game Changer

Jessica Ortner is a producer of The Tapping Solution, the breakthrough documentary film on EFT/meridian tapping ( She has led more than 3,000 women through her revolutionary Weight Loss and Body Confidence online program, and she is also the host of The Tapping World Summit, an annual online event that has attracted more than 500,000…

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