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79: Maybe This Will Push You Into Finally Taking That Leap Of Faith, with Jodi Flynn, Game Changing Mindset

Jodi Flynn is a passionate and focused mentor and coach, providing the structure necessary for individuals and professionals to challenge their personal barriers and create the lives and careers they desire. She finds her work the most rewarding when she can witness the transformation of someone struggling to find their voice and excel in their…

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26: Mid-week Review, What matters the most?

I have received a lot of feedback asking how the technical issues with the podcast are coming along.  So, in this podcast, I will touch on the challenges and hurdles of this week’s interview.  The reason for this is to give you a “behind the scenes” into my journey – and to demonstrate… it’s the…

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25: Successful Goal Setting Starts With Your “Why” – with Michelle Thall, PhD – Game Changer

Michelle Thall, PhD is a core faculty member in the Department of Nutrition and Exercise Science who teaches a range of exercise science and research methods courses. Philosophy – Dr. Thall’s teaching philosophy is consistent with the GAMES model (Goal-oriented, Active, Meaningful learning focused on Explanations & Self-regulation).  Dr. Thall has dual goals: to ensure…

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