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07: “Thank You For Your Service” Documentary Film Producer, Ilan Arboleda – Game Changer

Ilan Arboleda, Film Producer   In addition to his duties as the primary producer on all CreativeChaos projects including the award winning film Casting By and The Best Is Yet To Come, Ilan oversees all creative development, business development, finance and operations for CreativeChaos vmg.  He is the producer of the documentary, “Thank you for…

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06: Limiting Beliefs, with William Rodriguez, MSW – Game Changing Mindset

William Rodriquez, MSW is a decorated three-time Operation Enduring/Iraqi-Freedom Veteran.  After leaving the Army he has received his Master’s Degree in military social work from the University of Southern California (USC).  He currently works as a trauma and addiction therapist in Santa Barbara, CA.   He is also featured in an upcoming documentary, Thank You…

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05: Healing PTSD with Richard Miller, PhD – Game Changer

Richard Miller is the co-founder of the International Association of Yoga Therapists, the founding member and past president of The Institute for Spirituality and Psychology and is the founder of iRest, the Integrative Restoration Institute.  He has also published dozens of articles and books, including his latest: The iRest Program for healing PTSD.   Richard Miller…

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