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98: Why Asking For Help Is A True Sign Of Strength, with William Rodriguez, Game Changing Mindset

William Rodriquez, MSW is a decorated three-time Operation Enduring/Iraqi-Freedom Veteran.  After leaving the Army he has received his Master’s Degree in military social work from the University of Southern California (USC).  He currently works as a trauma and addiction therapist in Santa Barbara, CA. He also works tirelessly for veteran suicide prevention.  He is featured…

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65: Nothing Changes in Our External World, Without First Changing Our Internal World, with Noah Levine, Game Changing Mindset

Throughout his youth, Noah Levine was incarcerated several times. His first book, Dharma Punx, details his teenage years filled with drugs, violence, and multiple suicide attempts—choices fulled by disillusionment with American mainstream culture. His substance abuse started early in life—at age six he began smoking marijuana—and finally ended in a padded cell in juvenile prison 11…

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