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43: How to Make a Difference Doing What You Love, with Dr. Maj – Game Changer

Dr. Stephanie Maj. –  From my earliest memory, I had always wanted to be a doctor. A pediatrician to be exact. Through my undergraduate studies at Ohio University, I was a premed/nutrition major and just assumed my path was to be a medical doctor. After going through the application process, I realized that there was something that didn’t fit about me and traditional medicine. I decided against that career for reasons that were not fully formed in my mind and have since become crystal clear to me. After completing my treatment plan with my chiropractor, I not only healed the sprain in my neck from my car accident, my lifelong headaches went away as well.


What is the most common myth about Chiropractic care?

That it only treats neck and back pain.  But we are going after the central nervous system.


How did you start working with the homeless community with Chiropractic care?

I have surrounded myself with the some of the best people imaginable.  In my circle of people that are my mentors, I met someone who created his own mission around Chiropractic care. It was during this time helping in third world countries, that even beyond the adjustments I was doing, I got so much from realizing I needed to be grateful for the life that I had.  From there I brought this care into the homeless community of Chicago.


What has the been the greatest takeaway from the work that you have done through your volunteer work?

When you are doing what you love, there comes a time where you know you are doing what you are supposed to be doing.  Follow the things that light you up.


What is the best piece of advice that you have:

You have to be a game changer to yourself.  Put your energy into staying well.


What do you believe to be true?

Life loves me and life wants me to succeed and everything is going to be okay.


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