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77: What Is The “One Thing” That Keeps People From Greatness? with Stacy Cross, Game Changing Mindset

Stacy Cross, is the founder and co- owner of The Comfort Killers LLC. Stacy started this brand immediately after walking out of a seminar on February 14, 2016 after looking around the crowded room realizing that she wasn’t truly doing anything to control her life, finances, and destiny.

“Don’t get me wrong. Seminars are a good starting point to meet great people doing great things in business and life BUT at what point do we stop spectating and start creating? That is when I decided to Get Uncomfortable and stop BSing. It wasn’t until then that my life really changed! The catalyst was ACTION.”

As long as things are good enough, they will likely stay the same, as there is no incentive to change them.  However when things become absolutely miserable to the point that life’s current circumstance are intolerable, we will finally do something about it.  I also don’t believe that change comes from laying on a therapist’s couch for 20 years going on about how wronged you were in your childhood. Rather than hearing yourself blame everything and everyone else for 20 years, stop and say, “That’s it, I’m done with the story, the excuses, and the blame.  It’s time for me take responsibility and live the rest of my life differently.”

That’s what happened with Stacy Cross  It is her mission in life to push people out of their comfort zone, take a chance, and really start living.  I loved this conversation immensely as it crosses the three topics that are crucial to success; the willingness to fail, the ability to take risk, and embracing the unknown.

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Best Advice:  If you are not dead you are not done.  You are here for something extraordinary.  You have to start asking yourself the right questions.

The one thing you absolutely believe to be true: Take action.  Act, trust, and be honest with yourself.  Leave “figuring it out” to the Universe.

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  1. Ashley Mann on 07/10/2016 at 2:23 AM

    Stacy’s energy is truly contagious & has inspired me to change my life in so many ways! Thanks for this amazing podcast; I am now a very grateful #comfortkiller!
    Thank you both & Blessings,
    Ashley Mann

    • Michelle Dutro on 07/19/2016 at 9:55 PM

      Ashley, Thank you for the note! I agree with you… Stacy has such incredible passion! She was so great to chat with!!! Thank you for listening! -Michelle Dutro

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