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104: Why Mastermind Groups Are So Valuable, And How To Start One, with Rich Brocchini, Game Changer

Rich Brocchini has lived a life of service as a firefighter for the past 20+ years and is now sharing his wisdom, leadership and experience with the world. He is also a successful business owner, 2x best selling author and a impact-full team building trainer and facilitator. Rich will only add value to your team or organization.

Rich also has a coffee and tea company,  Third Alarm Fire, hosts masterminds, and consults on all types of businesses and start-ups.  Oh, and is also a husband and dad to a lovely little girl.  What Rich passionately demonstrates is when you love what you do, it’s not work.  He lives a life of “No excuses” and helps others to do the same.

I hope today’s conversation inspires you to dream big, realizing you do have enough time in the day, and it is possible.  We both hope to see you at the Thrive conference, in San Diego at the end of the month.  Until then, do what you love with passion and conviction.  Make this lifetime matter. There are people you don’t even know, who are depending on it.


How to find Rich and everything that he’s doing:  – all the latest (and all the links below can be found there)  –  Coffee and Tea with a percentage of proceeds going to firefighters and EMS personnel, with cancer. – consulting/masterminds  – empowering young baby girls to grow up to be strong leaders

A fresh reminder, rediscover what you already know.   Book on Amazon

Serving without selling.  Book on Amazon

The Thrive Conference:

Great words of wisdom and advice:

Don’t spend time defending your mistakes.  Learn from them and move on.

Never make someone a priority, that makes you an option.  (LOVE THIS!)

Be around people who help decode what your gift is- that’s super important.

Figure out what your gift is in life: What you do with the least amount of effort, most effectively.


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