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51: How To Move Through Anxiety, Fear, and Depression, with Paul Colaianni, Game Changing Mindset

Paul Colaianni helps you discover why you do the things you do, and what you can do to reach higher levels of happiness and lower levels of stress and overwhelm. His ultimate goal is to help you become empowered so that you can create the life you want and make decisions that are right for you. This is done through the podcast, articles, books, worksheets and one-on-one coaching.

Today on The Game Changer Podcast, I speak with Paul Colaianni about this topic.  He is the host of the podcast and website, The Overwhelmed Brain, and has certainly had his share of relationship setbacks.  In this conversation, we talk about the ending of a heart breaking relationship, and not realizing we are taking that depression into the next one.  You see when someone is on the outside trying to look into the window of our soul, if we haven’t done the necessary cleaning, it is impossible for them to see into who we really are.  And every time someone says, “I will be happy when I find the right person,” what we are really saying is, “I want to find someone who can clean the inside of my window.”  And the truth is, that work can ONLY be done by us.  Join us for a conversation about how to really deal with our emotions and feelings so that we can have the relationship we deserve… the one with ourselves.

How to find Paul:   Here you can find the podcast, ebooks, and coaching.

Best advice: Whatever fear of consequences you have, get over them.  It’s not about what might happen if you do something, it’s what might happen if you don’t do something. Honor your emotional core.

The one thing you believe to be true: I will never know everything.

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