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61: My Thoughts On Chaos, Meaning, and Being Offensively Honest, with Michelle Dutro, Game Changing Mindset

Michelle Dutro

If you have followed my podcast or my blog for any period of time, you know I frequently speak about eliminating chaos from your life, and how to create a more fulfilling life. In today’s podcast I am once again interviewed by my good friend Tammy Drechsler.  In this conversation we talk about both topics and the one thing that is most impactful to them both; honesty.  The simple reality is you can’t have more peace or more meaning without first getting very honest with yourself about what truly matters to you.

If you want to really understand what matters the most, pay attention to the actions you take, as it’s not what you say, rather what you do, that points to what you most value.  A good first step in shifting your priorities is to pay attention to the language you use around what you are doing, and why you are doing it. From this point, you can create a life that you HONESTLY love!

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