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45: Who is in Control of YOUR Destiny? With Michelle Dutro (Interviewee), Game Changing Mindset

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I believe we all have a specific purpose or a calling for a reason. This purpose can be seen in what you are passionate about. For those people who don’t know what that is, stop and think about how you spend your free time. What do you choose to read, listen to, or watch? What conversations do you most find yourself in? Now, considering we were all given the gift of free will, you have the choice to decide at what level you are going pursue this passion. Are you going to draw on cocktail napkin whenever you are at happy hour? Are you going to paint pictures for friends and family? Or are you going to be the next Picasso? You see the passion is there in each; it’s up to you to decide what to do with it.

The best part of this is we get to decide every day whether we are going to live a level 1 or a level 10 life. The difference between a life that has no meaning and one that is completely fulfilling is directly tied to the degree to which you are living into your purpose, your passion, your calling. If you aren’t there right now, there is no better time to start. As I have said 100 times, there are a lot of people who are counting on it.

“Those who have a ‘why’ to live, can bear with almost any ‘how’.”

― Viktor E. Frankl, Man’s Search for Meaning

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  1. Mario Lambert on 07/09/2016 at 12:02 PM

    Awesome conversation! Your clarity and simple way of presenting will surely change lives. Thank you!

    • Michelle Dutro on 07/19/2016 at 9:49 PM

      Thank you so much for the note! Greatly appreciated!!!! Thank you for the honor of taking me along with you, on your journey – Michelle Dutro

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