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103: Life Lessons From Buying Flowers At Costco

Have you ever bought something that you spent a great deal of time choosing, to make sure it was absolutely perfect?  Like say with… flowers.  I can assure you I spend a great deal of time every time I buy flowers at Costco, making sure I have the one that is perfect from every angle.  A month ago that was with an orchid that I couldn’t wait to take home! After a day, I realized  hadn’t checked it for water, and to my shock… the soil wasn’t just hard, it was cement!  That’s right my perfect orchid, was fake.

Now fast forward two weeks, and I’m back at Costco this time carefully choosing a beautiful outdoor sunflower planter.  As I was in line, a lady walked up and asked me if the flowers in my cart were real.  Imagine my shock, as I said, “Of course they are!”  There’s no way I could be duped twice!  She was very quick to point out, (as she touched each leaf) that in fact the plant was plastic. Ugh, again! I paid for it, brought it home and put it on the front porch.  This was an obvious choice- I don’t go there often, as it clearly didn’t need to be watered.

Imagine my shock when my perfect looking sunflower planter was dead!  Yep, that’s right… this one was actually REAL!

What to contemplate:  How easily are we convinced by someone else, we are wrong?  How quick are we to jump to the conclusion that we made a mistake… again?  These life moments allow us the opportunity to reflect on how hard we are on ourselves.  It is so easy to become critical  of ourselves, and quick to jump on negative self talk.

Life lesson: Past mistakes do not predict future outcomes.

Don’t be so quick to recognize failure.  Reflect on every right decision you have made, and learn from mistakes.  But don’t assume you will continually make them.

Costco… game on!


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