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19: How One Bicycle Can End Poverty, with Brett Earnest – Game Changer

Brett Earnest

Brett Earnest is on the Board of Directors for Bicycles Against Poverty (as well as other non-profits) and is also the General Manager of Clark Construction in Seattle, WA.  While he certainly has a busy day job, he doesn’t lost site of trying to make a difference in whatever way he can. 

Why does Bicycles Against Poverty matter to you?

I could have a lot of personal fulfillment and impact.  At the time I had no idea the impact that this organization would have.  And I wanted to have first hand impact.

How does the structure work:

$ 100.00 busy a new bicycle.  Individuals in the villages have the opportunity to finance the bicycle to build credit, and then have the ability to start a business and become self-sustaining entrepreneurs.

What has surprised you the most about the work you are doing:

The reality that one bicycle really can change someone’s life.  From literally saving a child’s life, to starting a business and getting out of poverty.  This is not only life changing, but is having the ability to change an entire village.

How has this work changed you personally:

Humility and reflecting back on the things I take for granted.  Regardless of how bad a day is, I am reminded that people have far less and yet are still vary happy and loving.  So who am I to be upset being frustrated by the little things that come up in life.  My travels to these countries, doing this type of work, are a great reminder of that.

How can people find organizations to get involved with:

Church Organizations and the Chamber of Commerce are a good start.  But, I would encourage people to start the conversation with the people they know about what they are doing or what organizations they are involved with.  Further, once you are involved with an organization, you will find that those folks are involved with multiple organizations.  Just start the conversation.

Best advice:

It’s never too late.  We should always be thinking about how we can improve the lives of those around us.


What you believe to be to true:

Never look at yourself and say that you could have done more… you always have the opportunity to do more now.   And the other is to never take what you have for granted.  There are others, who would benefit greatly from your time, or any amount of money you may have to spare.  You can make a difference today.


How to find out more about Bicycles Against Poverty and donate or support in  any way:  


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