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07: “Thank You For Your Service” Documentary Film Producer, Ilan Arboleda – Game Changer

Ilan Arboleda
Ilan Arboleda, Film Producer
In addition to his duties as the primary producer on all CreativeChaos projects including the award winning film Casting By and The Best Is Yet To Come, Ilan oversees all creative development, business development, finance and operations for CreativeChaos vmg.  He is the producer of the documentary, “Thank you for your service” which will premier at the DOC NYC – Novembe 13, 2015.  This documentary is a look at the shocking truth behind what is and what is not being done to support returning veterans struggling with PTSD.

Why did you choose to make this film:

Because I was so disconnected from this topic, I knew other people must be too.  And this was creating a problem.  Once we found out what a critical problem this was it became obvious what we had to do.


Why was this a personal passion for you:

My dream was to be involved in social justice, or even social injustice.  And how veterans are treated upon their return as well as how they are treated and educated from the time they join the military – so they can be better prepared for what they may encounter.


Single best piece of advice:

Perseverance.  Never, never give up. You must be unflappable. No matter how many times things fail.  You must keep showing up.


What do you believe that has gotten you to where you are today:

The golden rule.  Do unto others as you would have done unto you.


To follow the roll out of this movie:



Resources in the healing of PTSD:  –  Retreats  and workshops held around the world, free iRest meditation downloads, research and testimonials. –  How to use EFT Tapping, a Combination of Ancient Chinese Acupressure and Modern Psychology, to Improve Your Health and Overall Mental State of Being.


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