92: What It Means To “Sur-Thrive” A Horrific Vehicle Accident, Almost Drowning, and Nearly Stabbed To Death, With Kelli Locatelli, Game Changer

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Kelli Locatelli is an entrepreneur and seasoned self-starter with dedication, drive, passion and exceptional leadership skills. Building lifelong relationships is of utmost importance to her. At the age of 19, Kelli became the CEO of a software company, which led to a successful career in Executive Sales and Marketing, managing high profile public figures.  Kelli has won numerous awards in Sales and Marketing as well as being acknowledged as a Forbes Top 500 Social Media Experts and Influential Women in Business. Kelli is an Inspirational Speaker. Certified Life Coach, Certified Interventionist, and Mentor/Coach in Personal Development. She teaches the essence of “Sur-Thriving”.

When you listen to today’s episode, you will agree, Kelli has every reason to become a victim of her life’s circumstances.  Instead she has a completely different perspective.   She knows she chose this life and every circumstance that came with it.  Thus, she sees her purpose is not that of the victim, rather to help people to see the strength in their own lives. Ultimately to find a way to take what has happened for you, into helping another is some significant way.

I was astounded and inspired by our conversation. If you need a different perspective to a challenge or struggle you are currently facing in your life, I hope this episode sheds a new light and a new perspective.

Perspectives from Kelli:

“Where you are right now, is where you are meant to be.”

“We all have choices, choosing to not choose, is also a choice.”

“Learning is one thing, taking action toward it is the hard part.”

How to work with Kelli:  www.kellilocatelli.com

Best Advice:  Do it. Get up and do it.  Make a decision. Get up and make a change.  Find someone who has been through it, go find an expert so that you can get to a place where you can do what you need to do.

One thing you believe to be true:  We signed up for this.  Our energy and our vibe that which we put out comes right back for us.  You have to be able to love yourself enough to help someone else love themselves too.  It all comes back to love.

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  1. Anthony Avalos on 08/30/2016 at 8:48 PM

    I’m listening for a second time. Enjoying this conversation equally as much as I did the first listen. You two, Michelle and Kelli are super engaging !! I will be recommending this to all I know. What a valuable tool for life’s “For Me” situations.

    Anthony Avalos

    • Michelle Dutro on 09/15/2016 at 5:40 PM

      Anthony, thank you for the note! Kelli is such an incredible inspiration. Her story should make anyone stop and thing about how bad they really have it. And to come through all of it with such grace… she is truly a gift!

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